Planning ISN’T Just for geeks & sissys…It is the traditional business building block, which is a MUST have in your biz…For the long game. Because you are committed right?

Being a creative & being the usual rushing women….Which lets face it isn’t the best mix in biz or life in that matter! What will help you stay focused & actually be of more use to you is…Having a plan.
I saw that eye roll too by the way!

To us creatives & ideas people you feel the same way about sitting down and doing your tax return…Grab some forks and poke yourself in the eyes right!

For me the frustrating part was never finishing anything. Not 13882208_1198370533541768_8057895818076266263_nknowing what was coming up, what I was doing from one week to the next. Gosh some days I would turn up to my desk and accomplish nothing…Then beat myself up. I thought it was cool NOT having a plan… I was rebelling. Actually I thought having a plan was a sign of weakness, for sissys and geeks….Just being HONEST!

I am the first to admit that I was wrong. By continually not committing and finishing.. like a damn junkie! I found myself losing momentum, and leads starting to dry up. And I would blame other things, people hahaha! No way I am 100% responsible.

By grounding yourself with a plan you can actually be very flexible. Plans don’t have to be BORING yahoo! If you have written a plan before but not stuck to it, guaranteed it is because you are fully connected to it…That is where you gotta put the work in first girlfriend. What you NOT being open to, or committing to?

When you full believe in what you are doing, but most importantly believe in yourself. You create a plan, an ongoing vessel that actually fuels you. Exciting eh!

Your vision & mission, your money goals shouldn’t be reviewed yearly or monthly but everyday…WTH! They are most powerful when threaded & woven within your daily working life.

None of this will actually matter if you are only going through the motions.
Many of you have asked me to lead a planning power session…So here it is.

This isn’t the kind of planning session for a left-brained, nuts and bolts detailed junkie…My style WILL drive you batty.

This IS for those of you who want to fully commit to your biz, it’s true message & to make an impact with your mission.

If you agree that you are ready to claim back your biz.

If this is you and you are ready…..Game on!

What’s the plan stan?

4 hours of planning, visioning which allows freedom of the mind, focussed days and easy months
Learning daily focus. Bringing you plan to life and breathing energy into it
Creating a plan for you. You and your biz. Your way. Your style. It can have the capacity for 3, 6 or 12 months. All with staying under your umbrella- Your vision, your mission, your values.
Having a plan that doesn’t overwhelm you or fill you with dread. Instead empowers you to say yes or no to opportunities…In fact create opportunities

6 Women Only | DATE 24th November | $297.00

Amazing planning workshop with a lovely group of inspiring woman. I have come home and feel so excited & confident about waking up tomorrow and knowing exactly what i need to get done just feels amazing!! There is no perfect time. You won’t EVER be ready.
There is only now. Come I know you want to.